Custom Paint? RGB/HEX

Doing a few project that requires to be painted and the paint has to be historically correct. Went to a big box store with a generic RGB and HEX code (as I do not have paint chips) and they said there is nothing they do with said code. Showed the gentleman a picture of what will be cut out. And he mixed me up the primary colors which were completely off of what was needed. With that being said. Are there any recommendations to where I can get small amounts of custom paint mixed up that will work with RGB/hex code

A paint store can probably help you. Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. Something along those lines.

Attached is a RGB/SW color reference. I will guess that you won’t find anything exact in here, but they should be able to customize it in store.

sw-pdf-sherwin-williams-color.pdf (103.0 KB)

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Had a similar issue, went to Home Depot with an RGB value and was told the same thing. I lied and said someone had mixed this for me in the past, so they called someone to help and found someone who knew how to enter the RGB values in the program and got me the paint I needed :slight_smile:

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That’s frustrating lol. I by no means am a paint expert but I feel like that should be a known thing for a paint department. I’m tempted to go back and inquire again about the RGB. @ConvenientWoodwork info is extremely helpful and I will be looking into it for sure. But SW is a 30 min drive for me compared to a 3 min drive to Lowes. Thank you for your feedback and I will let you know what I find out.

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Hey James,

RGB is Additive color mixing whilst paint is using pigments to mix colors which is Subtractive color mixing. This is something very different. RGB is light emitted with different colors, while pigment mixes are selective colors filtered out from light (absorbed), by the physical properties of the pigments.

What you need is a tool for converting RGB colors to pigment colors.

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Thank you! you have led me down the path to success. Sherwin Williams has a browser extension called “Color Snap”. upload an image or input URL and it will match all colors. Thank you for your help!