Custom XYZ Touch Probe with Automatic Tool Z Height Setting

For anyone interested, I’m sharing the setup I put together to integrate a XYZ Touch probe and an automatic tool Z height setting. Here is the hardware I used…

  1. XYZ Touch Probe. The one I’m using doesn’t seem to exist anymore. However, here is one that is very similar.
  2. Z Touch Probe

Onefinity probe settings must be set to normally closed and the two probes must be connected in series. I used a barrel connector for the probe for convenience. The barrel receptacle must be wired such that when the XYZ probe is not connected, the connection to the z probe is maintained.

I’m using Fusion 360 and have uploaded the post processor that integrates the gcode files. The “vars”, “” and “onefinity_fusion360_auto_Z.cps” files must be saved to you Fusions 360 CAM folder. The “vars” must be ran each time the machine is turned on and homed. The other files can be ran from the controller for the operation you wish to run. The code basically determines the offset between the work surface and the probe. Each time there is a tool change the program will automatically set the tool z on the probe and get back to work. Note: the “vars” file needs to be set to your machine… i.e. where you set you z probe and the calibration offsets.

Probe (15.9 KB)