Touch probe settings

I’m wondering what the proper way is to set up the touch probe. When I probe and get a z height I will remove material at zero. What I think is happening is the probe height in the onefinity is 15.4mm but when I measure the probe itself it is 15mm. Should the setting be adjusted to 15mm?

Yes it should match change and Save the new setting. While your at it check the X and Y too.

Thanks for the info I know this seems obvious but I don’t want to make assumptions. I see the probe maker wants to charge $200.00 for software that does it for you lol looks like about 20min of GCode writing…

Do you mean $20.00? If you buy the probe direct the software is included and it has other features as well.

yeah not sure what I was looking at but would swear it said two hundred lol
I received no paper work with my probe just a receipt. I didn’t even realize the software existed until yesterday from a google search. If I’m supposed to have access to it after buying a probe I don’t know how to access it.

The touchprobe fine tuning is in the controller software. Watch this video: Onefinity Touch Probe Fine Tuning - YouTube

Charlie sells an ADD ON software that does a bunch of extra stuff for the probe. It’s optional.

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