Cutting Board Inlay Probing

I’ve watched a bunch of videos of CNC end grain cutting boards with wood inlays. They always start out with a finished blank cutting board and seem to probe to the center of the board. So far I’ve only probed the lower left corner for my projects, starting out with stock that’s bigger than my finished project and then cutting to size as the last operation.

If one were to do a cutting board where multiple inlays needed to be cut, how do you get to the exact center each time; is just drawing an X corner to corner and bringing the bit point down to the center accurate enough? Is the Elite homing repeatable enough where I can write down the first X/Y coordinates for the center and just go back to that days later knowing I’m in the right place?

If you center at the lower left corner, and use a fence, you can reproduce the same setting every time. You can use G54 to set the axis of the fence as your x0y0. Doesn’t matter where you measure your z, but you can measure off the machine bed for reproducibility.

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