EP 12 Onefinity CNC - Inlay Cutting Board

Have you ever wanted to do a wood inlay on your CNC, but felt intimidated by the
process? You’re not alone. Morgan was right there with you, but finally bit the bullet and
made this inlay on an endgrain cutting board. Were mistakes made? Absolutely. But
that’s the beautiful thing about mistakes - only one of us has to make them, and the rest
of us can learn from them!

After completing this video, we realized that our friends Jeff and Jess at Two Moose
already did a very similar project, but they did it WAY better. So much better.
Go check out Two Moose Designs’ YouTube channel HERE.
If you’re interested in doing wood inlays on your Onefinity CNC, follow along!

Bit used to cut inlays:

Beefy Cutting Board.crv (9.3 MB)
Beefy Inlay POSITIVE.crv (5.0 MB)
Beefy Cutting Board.dxf (392.3 KB)