Doing Woodworking Inlays

I am new to CNC work and am considering the Onefinity. Can this machine do woodworking inlays? I have seen videos such as those done by Broinwood and would like to try some of that although on a much simpler scale.

Yes, with the proper bit it can do inlays. I think a v bit is used but I have never tried it.

Works great for inlays… Here are a few I did with the onefinity…Login • Instagram

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You sure can! I used this video to figure out how to do my first attempt: The VCarve Inlay Technique - YouTube
Here’s how my first attempt turned out:


+1 for Vcarve as it worked great for me too! I tried some inlays with Fusion 360 but the results were nothing like Vcarve produced and too incredibly time consuming to configure.

Thanks for your input guys. Sure looks like it can do the trick.

I’ve done a number of inlays. The tolerances are a lot tighter than my X-Carve.