Cutting brass for shop logo

So I am looking to create my shop logo on brass (?) coins. I would then epoxy that coin into a pocket machined into piece.

Anybody have experience with this? Can I just use something like “RMP Stamping Blanks”

I want something that will look a bit upscale and will last.

You should definitely be able to do that. Piece of cake! With the right tools, it should work beautifully. Since they are “stamping blanks”, one side is bound to have a stamping burr, that they may or may not take care of. This is the “punch side”. The other side, the “die side” should have a nice smooth edge on it. Just something to be aware of. Unless they tumble them, then they may be nicely deburred on either side.

I would create a thin fixture to hold however many you feel like engraving at a time. A nice fitting fixture will keep the blanks from shifting in the X-Y orientation, and hopefully something like carpet tape will take care of any rotational tendencies they may have during machining.


Sounds like what I did for some trivets. Cut put four pocket, with a whole in the bottom to pop them out.

Curious on the finish … buff them with compound to get them shiny, secure them, then a clear coat?

That sounds pretty reasonable to me. They should shine up really well.

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