Delivery to Czech Republic

Hi… I am based in Czech Republic in Europe.
On our left is Germany. On the north is Poland, On the right is Slovakia.
Your delivery to Germany & Poland is $325
Your delivery to Slovakia is $399

Your delivery to Czech is $1000 - what’s going on guys ?
I would like to purchase a Onefinity CNC (out of all the other CNCs on the market) …but these delivery costs are unreal !! ?

Can someone answer pls ?

I really have no clue - but they use UPS and DHL mostly, so those costs are from the carrier, not the company. Recommend contacting them. Or perhaps driving to a Germany for pick up :slight_smile:

Not so sure. DHL just delivered to me from Portugal - 12euros for 3days express.
DHL know where we are located and would not increase the cost from 300 to 1000. Sounds more like either miscommunication or an error, and with Onefinity being so busy with orders, no-one really cares about a rogue quote not making sense.
Don’t know anyone in Germany so, a dead end.

Zdravim, ja jsem musel objednat Onefinity bez dopravy a zaridit si ji sam. Uz jsi objednal, nebo vzdal, nebo poridil neco jineho? Koupil jsem dva ks, jeden mam na prodej, procleno, tady v CZ.

Sorry guys, I just realized I replied in our local language… Just explaining I had to order without transport and organize it myself to avoid the 1000 USD cost.