Demo near London, Canada

Are there any Onefinity end users in the London area that would be willing to show off their machine? I am currently running an XCarve machine, and would really love to see a Onefinity machine in person before upgrading.
From reading these forums, most users experience seem to be positive, except for the delivery time on current orders.

Or possibly within an hour or so of the London area?
Really interested in seeing the Onefinity CNC.

Thanks again.

Hey Brian.
I’m just getting first projects running on my machine and located in Cambridge. I’m sure we could set something up if you like.

Thanks Chad, that would be great. Did you just get your machine recently and which size / type machine did you go with? I went ahead and placed an order last week for the X50 Woodworker, and realize that I will need to find some patience to wait through the backlog of orders.
Fortunately I do have an X-Carve to keep me busy during the wait. I’ll try sending you a private message so we can arrange a visit in the future.
Thanks again