Telephone Number for Onefinity

Hello…can anyone give me said number as I am about to order an X50 machine…thanks

From there web site

Blockquote 1-888-717-4242 (9am - 3pm, ET Monday-Friday - closed on holidays)

We endeavor to answer each phone call as they comes in. However, we may be on a call with another customer. Please leave us a message and we’ll call you back. We will try to call back the same day where possible. All calls will be returned within 24 hours M-F and any calls over holidays or the weekend will be returned the following business day. Our phone support does not have the ability to offer technical support. (Tech support is done exclusively through email) If you have a machine and need technical support, please email

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thank you so much…I am about to get the Journeyman X50…and am in the UK…is the price still the same as advertised and is the wait 2-4 weeks before shipment is made?

That’s what Onefinity is saying on their website, they’d be the authority. I understand shipping is quite expensive to go over there. I’ve seen a couple posts here where people were looking to put together group purchases so they can save on the shipping and handling. You might want to do some searches here for that before ordering. Maybe even start a new discussion to get the attention and input of your fellow UK buyers to get their experience if they’ve already done it.