Diagonal orientation question

While I wait for my 1F Woodworker, I have started going through the tutorials for VCarve Pro and they are excellant! I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but I am curious if it is possible to orient your work piece diagonally instead of on the X or Y. I figure if I needed 35" and did not want to fiddle with tiling, and i have about 45" from lower left to upper right, then could I orient that way? Just curious.

I make a piece that is 35" long that I have to cut diagonal on my woodworker. I use Fusion though so my process might not help you much.

When setting the origin for the part in CAM I just turn it 45 degrees so that the X and Y axes align with the machine coordinates. When fixturing I start in one corner and jog X & Y an equal amount (100mm for example) to help position my jig at exactly 45 degrees to the machine.

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Yes you can do it , have a look at this short video

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