Machine Table Angle?

I’m going through details etc with the view of purchasing a joinery man X50 .
Because of the size and space I need to be flexible with the machines position.
I understand it can be used table flat or vertical. Can it be used at any angle 0’ to 90’ and is there any acute wear on slides screws etc with more weight on the drives.

I don’t see why it would be an issue.

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Kinda like this? (Woodworker size, with vertical clamping fence as well)

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Yes spot on
But turn the machine around 90 degrees.
This will give me the longest dimension along the wall

That mounting orientation you mention then limits you to not being able to slide longer material between the Y-axis rails (especially since you’re going with a jouneyman)


That also puts more strain on you y axis as it needs to support the x gantry whci would be more inpactful on direction changes.

Yep perfect. Gives more horizontal support

Didn’t even enter my head.
At best it would make things very tight loading from the “front”

This is type of operating input I needed.
This point you’re highlighting is making me think.
It may not be practical with that orientation?

Since you bought the journeyman, one might presume you’d eventually want to go with longer (than 48") material, which would require sliding material “between” the Y-axes. If you choose to limit your material to 48", then the rotated orientation (per your drawing) should suffice. If you want to go longer than 48, you’ll need to rotate to an orientation like my picture.

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Onefinity Wall Mount System

In this orientation the importance of a strong dust collection system is even more important. It is generally with Onefinity CNC, since oiled mechanics are not compatible with any amount of wood dust, but in this orientation the wood dust and the chips would directly fall on left Y Rail with gravity

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