Question: Vertical Operation & Orientation

I am planning on building a ‘tilt’ Cart for my Journeyman that can go from a vertical position for storage to a horizontal position for full use. I would like to also be able to use the machine in the Vertical position, or maybe a 15’ angle to hold stuff better. There are many examples of such carts and wall mounts on the web, but they most all orient the X-Y axis different from the way OF does as shown with their wall-mount unit.
The OF Wall Mount shows the 2 Y rails running horizontally, along the wall, with the X rail running vertically, up/down the wall. Most every uTube version has the X axis running horizontally, along the wall, and the Y access running vertically, up the wall.
I think the OF Wall Mount orientation is correct because the only weight that has to be lifted vertically is the Z gantry. The full weight of the X rails does not have to be raised and lowered in this orientation. With the long X axis of the Journeyman, this is probably even more important.
The other way, the full weight of the X rails and Z gantry has to be raised and lowered (granted, it has both Y servos)
One negative of the OF Wall Mount orientation is that dust will fall on the lower Y ball screw.

  1. Which vertical orientation is best?
  2. Will dust on the lower Y ball screw be a problem?
  3. I am planning on using a 65mm, 800W, water cooled spindle and Dust boot and hose. Will this weigh too much to use vertically?
  4. I assume a 15-20 angle from vertical would be more convenient to use than a full vertical. Any recommendations on angle?
  5. I assume using the laser in the vertical orientation is no big deal, other than holding material after cut. Correct?
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Hey Randy,

I can answer only a selection of your questions.

If it is not collected, probably. And as some people reported, it also tends to adhere on the rails too and to accumulate at home position, thereby changing stall homing position with time.

But generally wood dust should never fall down or fly around. Wood dust is harmful, cancerogenic, dangerous. It should entirely be collected by a powerful dust collection system.

Probably not. But you should be aware that with the 65 mm mount, the spindle will not clear the stepper so you have limitations on spindle length and/or spindle position in the mount. With the optional 80 mm spindle mount, the spindle clears the stepper so you don’t have this limitation.

Also some people had issues with hairline cracks with some 65 mm water-cooled spindles.

According to Albert Einstein, light is diverted by gravity (be sure to check you laser accuracy next time you operate the machine in proximity of a neutron star).

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Thanks, that’s helpful. I’ll switch to the 80mm spindle (I was trying to same weight)

Thanks, I’ll only use the laser with the beam pointing down so gravity doesn’t affect the accuracy. You’re a life saver.