X Y Switch for Wall mount

I would like an option in the post processor as well as the controller to redefine X and Y axis to match QCW when in vertical wall mount orientation. This would include joystick control and the proper design screen layouts.and dimensions.

Hey SteveS7,

in the controller, it would be simple. You can assign motor 0 to Y and motors 1 and 2 to X (with “reverse” selected). But if you have a Journeyman, your machine would no longer be a 48"x32" machine, but a 32"x48".

As for postprocessors, there is a different one for each CAM software. It would need to be adapted to reflect the dimensions.


Thanks, I agree it should be a simple process but one I think better done by the manufacturer hence the request. They currently provide the post processors so it would just be an additional choice for wall mount. Also the instructions should indicate rail position so homing goes to the lower left when on the wall. And yes it would make it a 32x48 machine.

Hey SteveS7,

This would be the case if you assign the motors this way.

Which instructions do you mean here?

In the postprocessor, x would remain x and y would remain y. Only the maximum possible position of these axes would have to be changed (swapped).

Then good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the help. I have configured the motor settings and post processor and all seems ok. Home is now lower left. I was referring to OneFinity’s instructions/Video in my comment. I found the reverse checkbox in the controller when swapping X and Y motor. I had thought I was going to have to manually flip my rails so that was a nice find. These changes were not that difficult, I would just like to see them as a configuration option or at least documented with screen shots from OneFinity. A little nervy for a brand new user to be making controller configuration changes.

Thanks for the Welcome, looking forward to getting started on some carving.