XY Axis Swap For Wall Mount?

I didn’t see the answer when searching. I’m planning on wall mounting my incoming X-50 JM and understand the best orientation is with the two Y rails horizontal and the X rail vertical. I’m hoping there is a way in the controller configuration to swap the X-axis and Y-axis orientation to make the physical orientation match the XY on the gamepad and screen controllers. I’m accustomed to thinking of the Y axis as vertical since middle school math! Is that archaic?

I see in the controller manual the “Motor 0 Configuration” section has an “Axis Selection” “x”. Is it really as simple as switching that for a few motors and making sure the Max absolute position settings are correct as well?

Or would it be better/possible to update the gamepad/screen configuration to swap the axis there?

Thanks for any insight!

PS. I also see Page 4 of the manual probably hasn’t been updated to accommodate the wall mount. “Caution: Operate the Onefinity only in interior spaces on a solid, horizontal table or workbench.”

and if this is an option, we should tell Gunflint Designs too! see 6:06 in his video here Onefinity Journeyman Wall Mount - Hanging & Running My New CNC Machine - YouTube

For what it’s worth. Last night, in my controller settings i edited motors 0, 1, 2 to swap X and Y axis in the General dropdown, and it seemed to work! I also checkmarked the “reverse” button on 1,2. Aside from re-learning how to use my joystick, i’m really excited to be less prone to orientation errors when moving between design/cam in Fusion 360, and running gcode on my onefinity. X being the horizontal access on my wall mounted onefinity makes so much more sense to my brain! The touch probe still seems to work correctly too. Just have to relearn my new home/origin corner is lower left!

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Hey tmuka,

I think when you first posted this, it was when I was having a forum pause. Otherwise I would have given an answer (like in 1 and 2)!

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Thanks, @Aiph5u ! Your wealth of knowledge and proclivity for sharing on these forums has not gone unnoticed, I appreciate the info!

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As a programmer by day, editing the journeyman.machine xml file to swap the width and depth measurements for fusion 360 was easy, and I carved a 48" tall pumpkin picket today :smile:

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Hi @tmuka I also switched to wall mount with the axis swap.

When I first attempted to home, Y would go down and then studder/grind at the end, but not home. I was able to resolve this by changing the Homing stall-current from 1 amps to 0.5 amps

Did you find it necessary to do this?

Are there any other motor settings changes you’ve made to compensate for Y now needing to lift the router/bearing blocks?


I’ll have to check later what my actual settings are, but I had already reduced my vertical wall axis stall homing setting months before trying to virtually swap the X and Y axis definitions.

I also have added a cable spring balancer reel to help support my heavy 80mm water cooled spindle… I posted about that on the onefinity facebook group here Onefinity CNC Users Group (Official) | Facebook

I added a 9kg spring balancer cable reel to help support my heavy 80mm 2.2kW water cooled spindle on my wall mounted X-50 journeyman and it’s working great! I was able to turn my X-axis (vertical) idle current back down from 3A to 1A. It also fixed the weird failures I was previously having when trying to probe. As a bonus, the spindle doesn’t crash down so recklessly when it e-stops or is shut down! I was thinking about a more complex mounting or pulley setup, but this fixed position mount was simple and seems to work nicely.

also, to be clear, I only virtually swapped the X/Y axis, the journeyman machine is still in the “supported” original “tall” orientation with the two horizontal rails and one vertical rail.

hope this helps!


Yes, mine is also in the same position.

I was considering some constant force springs to bring it back closer to neutral weight.

I like the spring reel… and appreciate the picture.

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I double checked, my swapped vertical axis (Y) motor 0 settings are…
Stall current 0.5
Idle current 1.5
Drive current 3.0

Before I added the spring balancer to my “unsupported” spindle setup, I had to crank up my idle current closer to the drive current to avoid losing steps. I also had a weird issue where z probing process would cause the vertical axis to free fall.

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Thanks for your update.

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