Wall mounted 1F y axis problems

Hello, So i mounted my 1F on the wall with the y axis running vertically. I had a problem with the y axis not holding and dropping during a cut, so i upped the idle current on the stepper motor to 1.5 amp and that fixed the problem but now when the machine is away from home position and i hit the home button it homes z and x axis fine and then when it startes the y axis and the motor gives and the y axis drops to the bottom then continues to home. I am going to put a spring balancer on the x rail to help with the weight. Is there any other changes to the parameters that need to be changed to run the 1F on the wall?

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I’m not sure mounting in that direction is recommended. Everything I’ve seen has the Y rails horizontal.

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I am aware that they prefer the y rails to be mounted horizintally but for my space and electrical it had to go the other way. I have seen a number of people mount it in the same way as I have.

I tried the same ref below YT video and cannot recommend it. 1F will not support this either.

Hey Tom,

why exactly not?

I ask because if I would want to mount it vertically, I would mount it in this orientation.