Wall mount orientation

Recently purchased the wall mount but, like most things in life, the day job and social life has left me little time to get around to installing it. I see that the instructions and videos all show the X running vertically going from left to right or right to left along the Y rails. Is this really the only option, surely this can’t be correct? No matter how good my dust collection system is, there’ll be a tendency for dust to foul the screw the lower Y screw which is also stressed with the weight of the x and z axes.
I’d prefer to mount my woodworker x35 so that the x axis is parallel with the ground and the z axis, with home bottom left.
Is this possible? If not who wants a wall mount?

Hey Howard,

you could ask the Leaf blower idiot in the workshop :slight_smile:

Besides mistaking a leaf blower for a shop vac and using the Onefinity CNC machine as a lift chair, he mounted it in this orientation (X axis horizontally). You can see in the video how he modified the parts that attach to the wall.

I think Onefinity recommends the orientation with the X axis vertically becauses it facilitates feeding tiled workpieces (workpieces larger than the workarea that are machined in portions)

If you would chose “recommended” orientation, you could protect your Y axis with an acrylic or polycarbonate sheet or a vinyl cover or bent aluminium sheet like shown here:

Vinyl cover:

Plexiglas shield:

Bent aluminium shield:


Hi Howard, when I bought mine, I was looking for a vertical mount, I did ask 1F Support if I could do that, the answer I got was, “this is not a supported configuration by 1F”, I was a bit surprised by this answer because it wasn’t a practical orientation, for me anyway, to have the Y axis parallel to the floor. More so, I wasn’t looking for a vertical mount but for angle configuration, about 30 to 40 degrees from the wall. I though this would minimize floor space, easy loading of work, provide easy access to the whole working area and chips would fall on the floor (whatever not picked up by the dust collector). I saw a video of a guy that did it but heard that the Y axis would slide to the bottom when turned off and the setting on the Y axis add to be changed. I finally opted to go with the regular horizontal mount and see if somebody would venture with a configuration similar to what I intended. I also didn’t what to play with the machine settings to void the warranty since it wasn’t support by 1F. I must say, when comparing to other machine the 1F is quite strong and well build, it should easily do it. Sorry for my lengthy rambling…