Distance between Y axis and front of suckit dust boot

When the Y axis is all the way forward, can someone tell me the distance between the bit and the front of the suck it dust boot?
Awaiting my machine and I would like to build a table with the notched out front to accommodate vertical milling.

Looks like the bit is approximately 130mm to the outside (front) of the dust boot. Looks like the boot sticks out about 40mm from the front of the machine. All rough measurements. If you need something more precise let me know.

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Forgive me for the imperial measurements. Does this look about right for front of the table?


I’m interested in what you do. I wanted to be able to do vertical projects like for a box or need to cut the end of something.

I am retired and tinker around. I am awaiting my OF which will be my first cnc. If I have to build a table for it, I thought I might as well add this option.
If I had it I would probably try dovetails.

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I’m also retired and planning to get a Woodworker X-35 and I want to build a table with vertical milling capability and enclosure beforehand. Do you have your OF now? If so, what’s the actual distance between the centre of the router (bit) and the front of the Suckit dust boot? How big (length and width) did you make your table? How big did you make the opening for vertical milling?