Clearance Requirements

Working on my enclosure while waiting for OF/W to arrive. How much room to the “front” do I need to allow for the dust boot (pro)…any reference point - from collet center, in relation to rail feet, etc - will do. Thanks in advance…

So I totally did NOT take this into account when building my enclosure and only left 1.5" in front of the Y rails (rail feet) thinking “well I only need 3/4” clearance for my doors. Well, duh. Now if I have something clamped to the front of my spoil board or if the doors are closed and I home the machine, the dust boot bangs the doors open. Needless to say, unless I am working on a big piece of material I clamp closer to the middle of the wasteboard. Anyway, I measured just now (just for you) and you need at least 3" of clearance from the front of the rail feet if you have the dust boot attached, and that’s cutting it close. I would go 3.25" minimum. Hope that helps.


On mine 3 3/8" from the front of the rail foot with my motor at rear.

My hose adapter need 1/4" more.

Note that I intend to move the motor to the front (aka reverse the rail) so will be able to move machine to the back.

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Thank you, that helps a lot! You measured just for ME?? You’re a mensch; double your forum support salary! :sunglasses:

What can I say I am committed to the craft. Another way of putting it is retirement + COVID = Somebody please give me something to do!!!

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