Dust Boot Added Depth?

I’m planning my enclosure and needing to know what the overall machine depth dimension is with the Onefinity Suckit Dust Boot Pro added.

I’m planning to be enclosed on four sides so need to be sure all fits within the envelope. Floor space is tight so I don’t want to want to claim more than is needed.

Thanks if you can help out with that dimension.

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Dust Boot added Dimensions
Measure from the front of rail

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Note that you can reverse rail and adjust config so the motor will be on the front. You will then save the motor space depth.

Thx @blaghislain
I’m also “expecting” in April and am planning an enclosure.
Can you confirm if the provided cables for the Y axis will reach the plugs if the rails are reversed? Or, is an extension kit required for this config?
Appreciate your help!

@rcincorona. Mine is not reverse yet. I bought 4 foot long pack extension kit.

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I have mine reversed with the motors at the front. My Y cables reach the controller, but would not reach if you wanted to place the controller at the front edge of the table. My controller is mounted about halfway back on the side, with the monitor mounted at the front, and enough room behind the monitor mount to lay the monitor down on the table when not in use.

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Hi @Cdavis, that’s very helpful info…thank you very much. I’m planning on mounting the controller under the left front corner, so based on what you said, it looks like extensions are the right call.