Cutting area relative to Y-axis

I have an X-50 Woodworker on order and I am building a table while waiting for it. I was thinking of building in a section at the front of table to mount a board vertically for trying some joinery. Which brings me to wondering where the valid cutting area is (especially in the y-axis) relative to the machine placement. In other words, how far from the front of the CNC should I cut my table top back to allow for something like a 2" space for vertical mounting of boards?

This thread shows what I’m thinking, but I only want a sliver at the front and not a whole opening:

The answer somewhat depends on the mount you’re planning to use the default 65mm mount that fits the Makita router center line of the collet was about 1/2" behind the front edge of the Y rail foot, on the 80mm mount for a 2.2kw spindle the centerline is virtually even with the front edge of the y rail foot. If you plan is to make dovetail and box style joints on 3/4-1" stock then a 2" space from the front edge of the feet would be enough. If you space the y rails back from the front edge of the table then add that distance as well