Dimension question - front of machine to "y0"


I have some time to kill before my machine arrives - so I’m starting to design its table. I’d like to be able to route the end of a board - vertically clamp a board at the front of the machine. The Shapeoko evidently extends the router/spindle past the front of the machine - but it doesn’t look like the 1F does that. What is the distance from the end of the Y rails to the center of the bit when it’s all the way forward?

I don’t want to take away too much of my working footprint - and I’m not confident a hinged table would be rigid enough.

Open to any suggestions!


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You will want to checkout this Post. I thinking making a hole and have interchanging waste board. Following what others have suggested. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have the exact number but Y0 falls halfway through the foot so it wouldn’t take a very deep “C” section at all to accommodate a vertical.

I didn’t do this time through but may very well do it when I have to rework it.

Hi Mike. From the front of the Y rail to the center of bit when in the forward

most position is 1-1/4”.


Thanks for the post, interesting ideas.

Getting a board clamped underneath the hole might be challenging oriented as drawn in your post. Also, I’d like to utilize most of the space under the table for organized storage (my shop is severely lacking in organization!). A “C” cut-out 18" wide would cover anything I would need, and I’d only need to carve out 4" of usable routing space to cover any board I’d want to route.

A hole across the front, and a drop-in “L” clamping jig (similar to Shaper Origin Workstation) That allows for 4" of board thickness to drop in might be the ticket. I could then start cabinets/drawers 6" or so in from the front, and avoid a more complicated hinged setup.

Well, I need to learn how to use Fusion 360 anyway - looks like I have my first drawing challenge!

Thanks for sharing the ideas!


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