Dog River Touch Probe

Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a Dog River Touch Probe.
My girlfriend bought me a Dog River TP, and I was excited to set it up, it mentioned Carbide compatibility. But I had to clip off the connector and replace with a Molex Jr plug to be compatible with the Onefinity controller. So anyway I go to place on the material, Z no problem, buy goes to do the X and comes into contact and begins traveling to the right, scratching the probe. I entered the dimensions for the probe beforehand.
Any feedback or anyone else use this particular probe?

My guess would have been to make sure the dimensions of the new probe are correctly entered in the controller.

Looking at the probe it has a circle in the bottom left corner where as the Onefinity probe has the circle in the upper right corner and the Onefinity probes off the upper right corner. I’d suggest aligning the bit close to the upper right corner to match Onefinity:

Dog River touch probe:


Onefinity touch probe:

Check out this video too:

Thank you, I was meaning to update the post, I noticed the difference after a night’s sleep, and placed the tool on the same spot as the Onefinity when probing, problem solved.

Thanks, yep, I had done that. I realized the following evening that the spot to set your bit near is caddy corner from the Onefinity Probe.
One of those “duh” moments the following night and went to investigate, I realized my mistake.

If anyone happens to aquire this particular probe, it’s great build quality, but realize the controller side plug needs changing, measure your probe profiles, enter your dimensions and the big thing, take a marker or engrave your probe spot for the X, Y, Z in the same spot as the Onefinity, or change the code.

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Dual row is the connector needed.

Team, thanks for the information for getting the DogRiver going. Unfortunately the settings I am using are not working correctly. I managed to scratch the top a couple or times.

What I am using:
Probe diameter: 6.35 mm or 0.25" (bit size)
Probe xdim: 7mm (the profile of the probe, not the entire probe)
Probe ydim: 7mm
Probe zdim: 22mm (what sits on top of the surface, not counting the profiles)
Probe fast-seek: 75 (default)
Probe fast-seek: 25 (default)

Also his there a way to edit the GCode’s probing sequence? I would like the sequence to probe left (X) and front (Y). Any help is much appreciated.

Side note: With the DB25 connector use Pin 22 & ground (25, 19, 7)


Update for others dealing with the same issue, or using other square probes (triangular probes don’t work with this sequence)

Since the sequence measures the inside, the correct numbers are:
Probe xdim: 53mm
Probe ydim: 53mm
Place bit on back right corner as others suggested — Be careful with coated bits!

My question regarding editing the probing sequence still stand. Looking under the Buildbotics forum.

Thanks in advance for any help.

\ carlos

I just received a Dog River probe and I bought the correct connectors but I have a question. Can someone help me out with wiring it? Does it matter which wire goes in which hole in the connector? Sorry for the ignorance I know very little about electrical.

Sorry, for the late answer. I am sure you figure it out by now. But for any one looking for the same information.

There are two ways to connect the Dog River probe, one using the mini molex connector and the other through the DB25 break-outboard.

Using Molex, it shouldn’t matter, but for safety check what pin in the molex is the ground.

DB25 port. Probe’s Ground to any of the available grounds (25, 9, 7) on the break-outboard and the +/red wire, to pin 22.

Hope that helps. \ Carlos