Double sided alignment question

Just tried a Telecaster guitar body test cut. Alignment was off just a bit on the one side.

But good on the other.

Just curious about everyone’s feedback. I used the 2 dowel method.

In hindsight, the 1/4" end mill I used was same one I started using over a month ago…could a slightly dull bit with the right rotation make it go off the 1/16" that it did?

I always use three dowels and never have a problem.


I’ve heard about it and seen it just haven’t made the leap yet lol. I should just learn and do it.

Are you using V-Carve desktop? I am . There is a youtube that shows you how to do it. In Labs with Beki | Making a Heart Shaped Box | Vectric FREE CNC Projects - YouTube . Good luck.

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Yes sir I am. I will check out video for sure…thank you!