Making Git Fiddles

Such a newbi here! Before the covid thing I had never done any wood work or even owned a saw, now my garage has a planer, jointer, band saw, oscillating sander, palm sander, 2*table saws, sliding miter saw, and a cnc (Shapeoko XL), and fixing to have a Onefinity!!! I’ve gone crazy!!! Here’s a short video I put together as a intro to my guitar building biz.


For such a short time working with wood, you are pretty damn good. Keep up the good work! Those look great!!

Wow, congrats on coming so far, so fast!! Nice video, too! :sunglasses:

Thanks!! Having fun…

Thanks Antonio. Got a ways to go, but it’s been a labor of love.

Hey Bill,
Thanks!!! Video is my main income these days (videographer for the last 20 years) but would love to add a guitar building service onto to it.

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Great skills to have! With your excellent video presentation & fast-evolving woodworking skills, I’m sure you’ll do great. BTW, you made some solid choices in machines. I started out with an x-carve in 2016 and totally upgraded it. A friend recently (before my knowledge of Onefinity) asked for machine recommendation, and I recommended the Shapeoko over the x-carve. With those machines the upgrades, while they work well, are ‘added-on’. With a career spanning 40+ years of machining & tool design, I’m fully sold on the Onefinity design because it’s designed right from the ground-up. And while I don’t yet have my machine, I see no upgrades or improvements to do on it (nothing obvious relating to the major components, anyway). On my x-carve, I was mentally doing upgrades before the payment cleared.

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By the way you going, it won’t take you long at all to be on a pro-level. Would love to see more of your work, please post with no hesitation!

Awesome, Very Awesome

Thanks everyone for your vote of confidence. I also own and operate a recording studio and write and record myself when I have time. Without trying to toot my own horn to much, here’s a song I wrote and posted last year.


Impressive for such someone relatively new to woodworking. I’m not much of guitar player, but my wife is and would love to make her a guitar at some point once my 1F arrives. Not too worried about the carving/woodworking, but any recommendations for the guitar parts? Not at all knowledgeable about that.

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Hey Kevin, Might try Allparts, WD parts, Stewart McDonald. I’ve set myself up as a builder directly to the manufacture of particular products, which allows a bit better pricing but you have to buy minimum amounts of product, and you would only want to do that if you planned on building and selling a few…but the above mentioned places will do a pretty good job. Might check Ebay for best guitar tops (flamed maple, katalox, and other exotic woods) unless you have a good vendor near by.