Dust Collection options DC vs vac

I have 3 options for dust with my upcoming CNC.
1 is a ct26 with dust deputy.
2 is shop DC system
3 I have a 6hp shopvac with a dust deputy for basement sanding

It will be a 3hp spindle

Each has its upsides/downsides.
-The DC is a 5hp motor so running it for a long time will be loud for me and the neighbors(vented outside). It will cost more to run but it is a good way to get rid of dust.

  • The Vac is local, quieter, less expensive to run. But is not as strong.
  • The Ridgid is more powerful than the festool but its one more thing I have to put in the garage.

Any ideas?

I’m in the same boat as you with a DC system and a CT26, neither of which I fancy running for several hours constantly.

I would like to deaden the noise from whatever I decide to use, so I’m thinking of a small, cheaper alternative to the CT26, that I will try an enclose within the cabinet below my 1F (when it arrives).

right now I’m leaning towards the Makita shop vac and will run it through a cyclone.

Dust collectors are designed to run continuously for long periods of time - and they move a lot more air at the collection point (with the right dust boot opening). They will capture more of the fine dust that is the most harmful for your lungs.

If you have a DC, I would certainly try to find a way to use it - I just think it’s a better tool for the job.

I’ve see people put DCs into separate insulated rooms to isolate the noise. Same has been done for shop-vacs - just need less space.

My DC is in the attic above garage and vents outside so its not so noisy inside but it is outside. Its a clearview cv1800 so its alot of air. Im assuming I will have to leave another wastegate open if Im choking it down to 2.5"

I switched to a dust boot with a 4" hose connection, to give it more air. The 3d printable files are on Thingiverse: OneFinity 4-inch Dust Boot by gopher5 - Thingiverse

I also have it in an Etsy shop if you don’t have a 3-d printer: Retired Side Hustle by HentgesWorkshop on Etsy

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I will try this if needed thank you I will modify it for 80 mm and print it up thank you

I had a 1hp Harbor Freight DC that was occasionally being used with my jointer (which is on a mobile base) and my bandsaw. Since it has the cloth bag that’s not ideal for catching the fines I repurposed it for the 1F. I have it mounted near the ceiling with a flex pipe attached where the cloth bag would be. The bag is at ground level but will be replaced with a real filter and plastic bag. I bought a cheap 4" dust boot for my 80mm spindle. It sucks up everything. Noise isn’t an issue either. What’s the point in using a spindle if you are going to use a noisy vac/ DC and defeat one of the biggest advantages.

It will be wall mount too so I could just build a trough under it. and skip DC altogether