Eazy - Z - Elite Tool Setter Issues

First post on this forum. I have the Elite Foreman machine with Eazy Z Tool setter (purchased through Onefinity). Tool setter is mounted on QCW waste board frame.
I finally got this set up last night and I can get the machine to jog in the X direction directly over tool setter and then it stops. It does not lower down to set the height on the bit.

In Masso controller under Auto tool Zero I have enable auto tool zero, and enable tool setter x position. According to manual I don’t need to enable y tool setter position. I have Z safe distance at -1.000 and tool zero feedrate at 30. This is what is shown on the video and manual from Onefinity. Why is the machine not lowering the Z axis down to set the bit height? Any ideas what I am missing?

Picture below are from manual but basically what I have setup.


I was having what seems to be the same problem. I contacted Onefijity Support and this is what they suggested which did solve my problem.

“ Can you go to the F1 screen and in the center section, scroll down to input 11 (Toolsetter). It should be showing low/green. If it does not, tap the line to highlight it and then press the space bar to change. Once it has changed to low/green, manually depress the toolsetter and watching the screen at input 11. When you depress the toolsetter, do you see it change from low/green to high/red?”

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Thank You!!!
It was set to high. Changed it to low(green) hit the homing button and it worked like a champ.

I spent 3 hours last night trying to figure this out. Figured it would be a support ticket to Onefinity.
This is new to me and I am sure I have a long journey ahead. Should be fun.

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Now I see the link that had the information.


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