Ejecting USB Thumb Drive

I would like a more user friendly and easier to get to an ejection(un-mounting) button for USB Thumb Drive. Too many problems when re-inserting into a PC after just pull it from Onefinity Controller. The more people concerned about this, might create a fix in future upgrades.



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You can insert the usb into the controller at any time… doesn’t seem to be any affect on the machine… as for when your computer wants to scan the thumb drive… just ignore it… there is no issue with the drive… its a windows security thing…

unmounting a drive in a Unix based os is standard practice and would prevent the error Windows nags about. The error may be insignificant, but it’s an error none the less.


Agree, and it shouldn’t be a blind operation. Meaning it executes but you get no feedback or confirmation that the drive was dismounted successfully. If the dismount operation hangs you wouldn’t know and after waiting what you might believe is sufficient time yank the drive while it is trying to close or write to a file you’ll have problems.

I get the same problem/error. I see this has been in the mill for over a year. I am guessing when the Onefinity controller opens and reads the toolpath file on the USB drive, the file never gets closed, and this is what Windows is barking about. It is definitely an inconvenience.

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Hey Brian,

you are right. When linux mounts a FAT or exFAT filesystem, it sets the “dirty” bit and when it is correctly unmounted, clears it. As the Onefinity controller offers no mechanism for the end user to unmount filesystems, the “dirty” bit remains set and Windows complains about the filesystem possibly being corrupted.

If you wait a few seconds after a file write operation before removing the USB drive from the controller, usually there should be no filesystem corruption in most cases. Linux writes out filesystem caches to the media every few seconds. Windows complaining is not to avoid though, except if you eject the media before removing it. You can do this by logging in into a terminal or a ssh and do:

sudo -i
eject /dev/sda1

If /dev/sda1 is your USB drive. You can see what device name your USB drive has by looking at the output of ‘mount’ command.

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