Controller usb problem

every time I take my usb out of my onefinity x50 controller and put it back in my laptop it says there is a problem with the usb and has to fix it in order to use it. is the controller somehow damaging it. anyone else having this problem

Hey Butch,

unixoid operating systems nowadays are able to mount the filesystems that are connected to the system automatically, and since they keep changes to the filesystem in their cache and only write them out to the storage medium when the appropriate sync commands are issued (usually this is done automatically at regular intervals), they mark every file system that is added as “dirty”. If you unplug the USB drive without unmounting it first, this dirty bit remains set, and if you plug it into another computer, it assumes that the file system may not have been written to correctly and suggests a consistency check.

In practice, if you don’t put the USB drive out of the Onefinity Controller during or directly after writing a file to it, usually there is no damage, so you can ignore the warnings, but if you want to make it right, you would switch to a CLI and unmount the USB drive correctly, or use a corresponding desktop tool for this purpose (that is actually not present on the Onefinity Controller) before removing it from the controller. In this case the Onefinity Controller would clear the “dirty” bit and the warning on the other computer would not appear.

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I’m not sure what most of that means but I’ll show it to someone who will. I usually leave the usb in till I’m done machining is that ok. can i take it out once the file is loaded or does it need to be in. can you unmount a usb with the x50 controller. I thought there wasn’t an safe to eject on it. thanks

Once you open the file in the controller it gets verified then copied to internal storage and you can remove the USB memory stick from the controller. Wait at least until it’s done simulating the file.

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ok thanks, I wasn’t sure. still very new to this

Hey Butch,

the part that I hoped you identify as the relevant part was:

Which means, if you are not saving a file from the Onefinity Controller onto the USB drive, you can ignore the warnings completely, and in case you do, wait some good moment before you pull it out of the Controller.

Yes, it is.

Yes, as Derek already confirmed.

It would be nice if there was an eject button on the Onefinity Controller User Interface. As the Onefinity Controller knows the USB drive when it was inserted (otherwise you would not be able to open the files on it), it would easily be able to simply unmount it with a button.

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