USB 3.0 thumb sticks not working

Anyone able to get USB 3.0 thumb sticks to work? The only options for formatting are exFAT, and NTFS, and I do NTFS. Tried three different 3.0 sticks each from a different manufacturer, I can see them labeled in the file browser, but files put on them do not show up. I have a couple USB 2 thumb sticks, but they are old and not reliable.

Side question, is there a way to eject a thumb drive from the Onefinity controller? I have to power down to remove them; if I don’t, it corrupts the drive and I have to repair it every time I put it into my PC.

Hi chad
I have had some issues today with USB 3.0 stick, I would save the files from PC and some would not appear but some would. I found it very hit and miss.
Next weekend I will upgrade the firmware and try another usb.

Anyone else had any issues?

I pretty sure that the 1F controller will only work with the USB2.0 format not USB3.0. Try one of your USB2.0 sticks as see if it makes a difference.

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Yeah, 2.0 works, just have tiny ones laying around, 256MB…I had an 8GB one but it is now junk after using it just a couple times.

You have any tricks for ejecting the sticks? The eject button just gives me an error, so I have to shut down to remove them.

While you are working out the USB stick problems, you can use a browser on a computer to upload files if your machine is on the network. I never use a USB stick.



In the basement on the far end of the house, the Onefinity can’t grasp a signal from that far unfortunately. Wifi extender or adding some more Cat 6 through the house may be my best option…one day. :smiley:

I have been using a 64 gig 2.0 stick since the beginning and never used an eject button [didn’t know there was one] . Just slide it in and out. After sliding it in my computer it will give me a message that it may be corrupt but I have learned to just ignore it and proceed to add another file without any problem.


Use a USB hub. I bought a powered hub that gave an extra 6 USB slots. I bought a powered hub for about $14, It is much easier to get the sticks in and out.

I thought I was the only one. My experience is the same as BadBullet. I load from the wireless web interface. If I use a USB I quick format and load fresh files. That is my solution to make it work. Yes, I eject from the computer but is there an eject on the controller or does waiting until shutdown work?

That works until it doesn’t work. I have a dead 32GB stick now after doing that that doesn’t get read by any PC. I repaired that one twice, third time it went the way of the dodo.

I’ve had this same problem (scan and fix error) since I started using my machine. I thought maybe it wanted USB 3.0 so I went and bought one. It transfers files okay. I can always find the ones I put on there but it STILL has the nasty “scan and fix” issue.
I got irked and signed up for the buildbotics forum since I think it is a controller software issue. The up-arrow eject icon to the right of the USB name in the file structure returns an error and that’s the only way I can see to unmount the disk. So, hopefully someone over there will be able to help.

This is the response I got over at the buildbotics forum:

This happens because the "dirty’ bit gets written by the Raspian Linux system in the Buildbotics Controller but does not clear it. Then, when Windows sees that the “dirty” bit is set, it complains. You should be able to simply ignore the complaint and continue to load the drive on Windows. I am not aware of any real damage that this causes.

We investigated it quite thoroughly and decided that there was no good fix for the problem and decided it was not really worth fixing.

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@roylnn I agree with them I get a scan and repair all the time it’s windows being fussy, I ignore it and not had a corrupt usb yet. But I would stick to a decent brand like Kingston or sandisk

The one of mine that died was a Sandisk after removing. I’ll have to stock up on a couple USB 2.0 as I’ve moved completely over to 3.0 for high speed transfers and the only 2.0 I have laying around are useless 256MB ones we’d send to clients. :laughing: