Elite Control Box Schematic?

Has anyone traced the A connector on the OneFinity Elite Series power box?

Onefinity declined to provide a schematic of the power box.


Thanks. I am trying to wire up estop on an external driver. I just asked the question on Masso site.

The A connector has the ES signal going to the Onefinity control box from the G3. I assume the control box sends back a wire used for the ENA on the masso steppers. I didn’t trace the colors yet. I was trying to pick between using the ES signal or the masso stepper ENA as the input to some circuit for the ENA (active low!) that the external driver uses.

You should just be able to tap into the estop wire with an additional switch. Check out the docs on wiring multiple switches



Don’t need another switch. Want to disable the stepper driver when ES is high ish.

Pretty sure that’s in the circuity of masso. If you look in masso you’ll see the motors aren’t tied to es

I assumed the elite wiring followed the masso doc. At the link previously sent:

A special output signal “ES” (E-Stop output) is available on the outputs terminal. This output is internally hardwired to the E-Stop button signals and goes LOW when the E-Stop button is pressed.

  • This output is used to control a relay and then the relay disables all drives and actuators on the machine. The user should not rely on the software to stop the axis, spindle or other actuators in case of an emergency and must disable all drives electrically.

Depends on the definition of software, but I assume using other outputs to control the servo’s ENA signal is using additional layers of software in the controller. If the controller goes south, the e-stop should work. That is why I suspect the ES signal is used in the elite control box to disable the outlets (I did not check this). I assumed this was sent back on the A connector then wired to the masso steppers ENA. I will trace the existing ENA on the masso steppers now.

A schematic would save a lot of guessing.

Hey Jd22,

I agree to Joergen @dumbo here that if you want to make something with ES output, and as is also shown here, you would use a relay.

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