Elite Masso Tool setter

Does anybody know what type of connector the tool setter plug is on the Masso? I bought the one Masso shows on their site but need to find that connector. Thanks

The installed one is a 2 pin molex… give me till tomorrow evening I’ll see if mine actually works

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Thank you for the info. Standing by. Lol


Here’s my theoretical one… but I’m missing an essential component to check if it actually works

That was the impression i got as they said it’ll be available later this year

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I have a tool setter


so the two pin molex worked? Can you provide a part number for it or link? Also how did you wire the power wire for it? Directly into the Masso?
Thanks for your info

These may be of use and interest…



Yeah… bout that, they were helpful but i still had to fabribobble things… i got the switch in the picture, bought the resistors, busted out the soldering iron… didn’t need it.

I wish it actually worked like a switch but it was sooo touchy.

did you wire it directly to the controller inside the Touch?

No, used a 2 pin molex on the back

can you tell me what molex that is? I don’t have my machine yet, suppose to ship this week.
Did you have to add a power wire or just the rear pins?

A 2 pin molex that looks like this.

Weren’t you the one who said on Facebook “what do you mean developing one, i can just go on Amazon and order one.” I’m pretty sure it was an Eric who said that at least, but then deleted the comment some time ago so i can’t be 100% sure.
I had them on hand so it’s not in my order history.

Gonna also need the male pins, a molex crimper and the male molex


could be, I don’t recall. I did order one on amazon. The same one Masso shows on their website but it’s bare wires.
Thanks for your help.

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