Elite Series Rotary Suggestion from Onefinity

Answer here: Axis Servo/Stepper examples

I have this same unit I got from CAD/CAM when I did an upgrade to add 4rh axis and MASSO g3. That was for my d23 unit from CAD/CAM. They did not have me change the stepper motor ?

Welp, i’m going to be attempting this in the next few months. Ive got the rotary in hand, waiting on Masso to ship the servo motor. Wiring the motor to the controller looks straight forward, ive been inside the G3 touch before and there looked like plenty of room to run wire. I found some decent 4 core STP cable and pull up resistors, heat shrink and wire loom. I just need to work out how im going to get power from the PSU to the stepper. I really dont feel like cracking that thing open to run wire. Anyone know what those two prong cable ends are called? The ones that are on the front of the PSU box? there are 5, and one is open.

I used the open connection for the Rotary on my Elite machine, I purchase the cable from 1F ( I am lazy) it has the 2 conductor connector on the end already.
Not sure about the resistors, I wired my Rotary just like the other steppers in the G3 )( I used a Masso Motor) and it works fine.

To plug into the 1F power supply’s open port, you’d need:

One of these: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/molex/0039013028/2405392?so=83524339&content=productdetail_US&mkt_tok=MDI4LVNYSy01MDcAAAGOsRccLFqi_y1-7sBCvL8vYNhcHWOqFJgBoWdhBi_XW1koEpTxSVWmMkYQek5tUO_H-tboiYJyZiLEgCuu4Bp77dw8H7E_BcGaNIcKxzzf

At least 2 of these: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/molex/0039000039/61448?so=83524339&content=productdetail_US&mkt_tok=MDI4LVNYSy01MDcAAAGOsRccLAnb0WJf9eMXqOl_TZGY8Z_S2OPJUomwPUpZ9QvAFP4GawUv4G_oa7bPvMaLsS0v4C7IbMHRbxLSksRioHeJ_KRObjk1zE0HtJNF

Two of these: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/molex/2047230002/9636001?so=83524339&content=productdetail_US&mkt_tok=MDI4LVNYSy01MDcAAAGOsRccLHJR5jtu0SMa2FYDfJw_CCMMlU21B5h3aPEMdXDfaJFANxKtiv8Qol-wkT9cfsDSetBSfAZNKhSq155f3VEz3JGWtBczqVgGwQDq

And these to crimp the pins correctly: Amazon.com

I’d also recommend running the cable inside the nylon sheathing and finishing the ends with heat shrink.

Alternatively, you can buy a cable from 1F.

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