Hopefully different Newbie Questions

Looking at upgrade paths for the Elite, looks like there are none. Is this correct?
How likely is it that the 4x4 cut area will be expanded?
What additional options should I be looking at to order with the ELITE Series Foreman (48" x48" Cut Area)? I have VCarve & Dust Collector and touch pad on the list.

I read someplace that I could use Avid CNC Rotary Axis with Onefinity Elite.
Is there any concerns there I should be aware of? Is the a better option for the Z Axis?
I assume I’ll need to design the table with a dropped down area to sit the Rotary Axis into when I want to use that.

Not knowing what I don’t know, what else should I know or research?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Hey Daniel,

no, if you see here :slight_smile:

Frequent topic here. Please use the search function. You could start with rotary :wink:

You can enter whatever you want to find into the search field on the upper right of this web page.

this is frequently asked (and answered), see accessories I need

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