Foreman Ordered + Wanted to introduce Myself

I placed my order tonight for the Foreman Elite and wanted to say “Hi” to all. I am new to the CNC world, but am a quick study. Any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to Team Onefinity!

Welcome to the OneFinity Family David!

Glad to have you,

Welcome David, you bought the right machine!

Plan out your dust collection system, personally I am using the Fein Turbo as it is very quiet relatively speaking at 67 decibels along with the Nighthawk dust boot and cyclone setup. I also recommend the @RowdyRoman boom arm so your dust collection hose can move freely around the cnc table.

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I am currently using a heavily modified HF dust collector. It was converted to a two stage with a bunch of other upgrades. Wish it was in the 67 dB range, but nope. Much louder, I would guess somewhere close to the 85 dB range. There is a plan for it though, I am thinking it’s own personal closet with a return baffle to recycle the air. I remote monitor the system anyway, so no big deal.

Thanks for the tip on the boom. I will incorporate one into my setup.

I too just ordered the Elite Foreman and am new to the CNC World. I can’t wait! What kind of table are you going to use?


Welcome aboard Sid. I plan on building a custom table that incorporates an interchangeable vertical cutting jig with a rotary. It will be very similar to the one M&S Woodworks built for his on YouTube. Due to the height of my stationary tool setter probe, I will be elevating my Foreman 1.75" on riser blocks. This will also provide clearance for a removable vacuum table I plan on building.

Welcome David and Sid. You will have fun in the cnc world. Only one suggestion is software there are a lot out there but vetric’s is my go to. I use aspire but Vcarve is great.


I been playing around with a friend’s Aspire. His is version 10.something I think. I know it is not the newest version. My plan is to start off by using the included Carveco until I upgrade to Aspire. I am just having a little problem swallowing the price tag of Aspire especially before my Foreman arrives and is up and running…

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