Elite Series Spindle Info



Do you think that S30C spindle(cncdepot) would be compatible with Masso G3 Touch?
Thinking on turning this Elite Foreman 4x4 into ATC.

Yes it would with respect to electronics. Look at their Avid kit as an example to see some of what is needed. The mount however may be the challenge.

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TY TMToronto.
It seems I’ve got some homework to do! :sweat_smile:

Yes … and designing and milling as you would need to make a whole other mount for it as it won’t work with any 1F mounts or Z assemblies - ‘beefy’ or not. The Jianken spindle I purchased and set up is probably the least expensive ATC option (really no ATC build is inexpensive :grinning:) you will find, and it works with the 1F 80 mm mounts on either Z assembly.

Right? ATC upgrade is more than whole cnc kit! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was looking into AVID tramming mounts, but wont be able to do anything as my 1F wont show up for another 12-14 weeks. For me, this is the hardest part… as I’m not a very patient man. :sweat_smile:

would you happen to have a link on your build? I’ve ordered the foreman and am exploring the ATC path. Thanks

In the forum, search “Masso G3 ATC build update…” and you should see my progress over time.

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I have purchased the Foreman and a 2.2kw Huanyang spindle 220 water cooled. My question is since the touch controller is sealed will there be a way to allow my controller to control the spindle? Will there be additional cables or connectors necessary?

The Masso Touch has a hinged back panel that opens to expose the inside. It also has an open slot at the back for cable entry. The simplest control connections to the Masso G3 inside will typically only be made with 5 wires. Please note the 2 Masso relay modules shown inside are not included when you purchase a Touch controller.


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I wonder if the controller module that will ship with the Foreman will have these modules. If not where can I get the info and parts needed to control my spindle?

it will have two power (on/off) relays, inside the power box, one intended for vac and one for router.

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So then it does not have VFD spindle controls.


VFD signal is built into the masso g3 board.


Thank you for the info and link. So the Touch does have the G3 board?

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This is great news he is demonstrating on a Huanyang controller similar to the one I have. Thank you again for this link. When I viewed it before on your web site I did not know if the Foreman’s controller had this capability.

Yes, it has the G3 board, so anything document wise on masso that refers to the G3 applies.


I am guessing the Elite series will be equipped with the 2nm motors from Masso. With the Z-20 and an 80mm spindle would it be necessary to change the z axis motor to the 3nm motor from Masso?

My guess is that given the number of Beta testers they had with spindles, and the minor cost difference (retail) between the two motor versions, they would have already made this a standard option from the start. Having said that, I have found my ATC spindle to slowly lower occasionally on power down (due in part to the greater mass and higher pitch ball screw on the new Z assembly). I am therefore installing a motor with an electronic brake. I had also from the beginning upgraded to 400+ 0z/in steppers on all axes, so never had an issue with actual available torque, especially given the RPM range I use on the Z axis.