Engraving vs VGroove Bits

Hello. This will surely show my ignorance of the CNC world, but Google has failed me on finding an answer so here it goes: what is the difference between an engraving bit and a vgroove bit for doing vcarve lettering? I’m not even sure I’m using the right terminology, but for engraving bit I’m referring to those that are completely flat on the side and for vgroove I’m referring to those that are shaped like a circular pyramid with one or two blades along the edge.

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Check these out as it might help clear things up…



Thanks for the links! Very helpful!


Besides the links above just go ahead and buy several 1/4 two flute end mills.
Get several one flutes as well if you can find them at a decent price.
No matter what you end up specializing in you are going to use these a lot.


Up or down cut bits?