EP2 Onefinity CNC - Work Holding

What are some ways to secure your material to your CNC router? Morgan discusses some options, including the QCW, T-Track, Tape, Clamps, Cam Clamps, Myers Woodshop wasteboard, and dovetails.
There are many other options not discussed, but this will give you a head start on your projects!
Check out the video and see which one is right for your application!

Oops Clamps : https://www.onefinitycnc.com/clamps
QCW: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/qcw-wasteboard-frames
Myers Wasteboard and Clamps: Recommended wasteboard, clamps, and flattening file for all Onefinity CNC machines (Via Myers Woodshop)

Have a Onefinity Journeyman and like both this microjig system and theMyers wasteboard and clamp system. I noticed that you have this attached on top of the QWC and trying to figure out how you are attaching your clamp system board to the QWC. Can you add some picture or go over how this is attached a little better?

I’m using the myers wasteboard now and personally I hate it. I’m gonna switch to T-tracks when this one needs to be replaced.
I don’t like how the holes are never in exactly the right spot, they’re usually always too close or far away from my material, even with the cam clamps because they aren’t adjustable the full 2 inches between holes.
I don’t like how the t-nuts only have like a half-inch of threads on them and you can’t screw a longer bolt down through them (unless you have holes in your table) so you have to try to use the exact right length of bolts for different thickness materials.
I don’t like how how when milling the insets for the t-nuts and then flipping the board it can cause the holes to not be square with the machine, and I also hated having to pound all the nuts in (over 200 of them!).

So yeah, I’m gonna go T-tracks for the clamping and probably dogholes for alignment.

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Hi all,
After debating with myself which system I liked best, I ultimately decided to go with a “hybrid” system.
I drilled through holes in my table every 3 inches and inserted the T-nuts from the bottom.
I then designed and cut 6 pieces or equal width for the waste board with matching holes to the table top.
The boards are held in place with 3 more bolts dedicated to that purpose.
I then added t-tracks between each waste board piece.
And voila.
I can replace a single waste board piece by simply cutting one to size and using the Onefinity to drill the appropriate holes.
No more having to hammer in 200 t-nuts every time you want to replace the waste board. :slight_smile:

PS. I haven’t used the T-tracks yet as the clamps I made are long enough to reach from hole to hole.

Hope this helps


I just screw it to a table. works well and i can put screws where i please.

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I made my own QCW system with both threaded inserts and dog holes.


Can you post some pictures?

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