Epoxy coaster router speed

I finally was able to get a project I deigned to cut properly the only issue is the quality of the cut.
It is an epoxy coaster so the print is fairly small so I’m using a 30 degree 1/8" bee bit
I have something messed up on my speeds or deaths as the epoxy is melted in some places
My question for the experts is what speed would you use and how deep of passes
using the akita router
the coaster is 1/4 thick
thanks randy

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I am definitely not an expert so beware.
I also make epoxy inlay coasters with different logos.
I like to run things slow, not concerned about cut times on small parts.
I set the Makita speed to maybe #3 and feed rate at 40 ipm. 0.050 inch depth per pass with 2 passes. I use 1/8" and 1/16" spiral up-cut flat bottom bits.
I haven’t tested, but I suspect maximum rpm on the Makita will cause some melting. If the bit can take the force, sometimes faster feed rate keeps the bit cooler because bigger chips remove more heat. Wood burning and epoxy melting may be due to a dull bit. With very limited study, I haven’t seen anything on epoxy chip load calculations. You might try acrylic feed and speed charts as a starting point.