ER11 collets for China spindles

Hey Greg @GregoryG, hey RD, hey all,

at my cnc supplier, besides a collet for a 6 mm bit shank and one for a 7 mm bit shank, you get one for 6.5 mm. That fits 0.25" bit shanks (in case you would use U.S. bits). Some ER collets manufacturers also offer both imperial and metric collets.

Further information

No. If it is no ATC spindle, if you want ER 16, you need to buy a spindle for ER 16 collets. On ATC spindle like these or these it is possible to buy tool holders for different ER collet sizes and use them with the same spindle, but here you would also try to select a spindle which has the ISO or the HSK tool holder size (ISO20, ISO30, etc.) that fits your favourite ER collet size well.