Error with Z axis with Fusion 360

So I have setup Fusion 360 with the post processor for Buildbotics 4-Axis CNC Controller. The G Code is generated without error. When I begin the program, the Z axis plunges past the stock top by about a half an inch and the program stops with an error. The error states “switch not found.”

For the setup, I am using a stock size set as the body size of the sign. The origin is set as the point on the top of the stock at the lower left. There are no offsets set on the heights tab.

Exports from Carbide Create work normally, so obviously this is something I am doing wrong in Fusion 360. I am using the Autodesk Generic 3-axis machine in the setup. While trying to troubleshoot, I changed this to the HAAS A-Axis machine with no change in the error.

Any ideas where I am going wrong?

Thank you!!!

It’s searching for the probe. There is an m6 command in the gcode

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I’m having the same issue. Prior to running program, I hit home and the router will move to preset home. All green, all ok. Then I probe the work space. Probe goes smoothly. Then Run the file program from Aspire, from a thumb drive plugged into the controller. The router plunges straight down past surface of material at 0 and E stops automatically, with the message “switch not found”. Is it trying to find the probe again?

I’d guess so, what post processor are you using? You say your using aspire, are you using the updated post processor from this forum?

Thanks for the response. I updated the firmware early this morning and that fixed it.

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