Esop switch not found

I am new to the one infinity I do have a shapeoko xxl and have been running it for a while. So I am familiar with carbide create, carbide motion. I am having trouble with my Z axis. I have home machine to my lower left corner (which is what I have set up in my carbide create). When I go to set my zeros on my workpiece xy&z all are set. Now the problem I’m having is my z-axis plunges halfway through my work piece. Then set a code off that estop switch is not found. Just to give an example. When I press playThe z-axis will rise all the way to the topThe z-axis will rise all the way to the top .Then plunge down very slowly until it is halfway through my work piece then estop switch not found comes on. ( I did notice on my 3-D model that once my z axis is zeroed out. It sets way above my workpiece. Can someone please help me with this.

Are you using carbide create? Did you change the post processor to plain gcode? I think thats on their list. There should be something on the forum if you search it.

Ok as soon as I get home i will definitely check. Thanks for the reply