"Estopped, Switch not found" - What does this mean?

What does ‘Estopped, Switch not found’ mean?

99% of the time, when users see this ‘warning’, it means that the program/gcode they are running includes an m6 (probe) command line in the code. When hitting ‘play’ to start the carve, the z axis will immediately, but slowly, move towards the wasteboard and after traveling 10mm or so the yellow warning, ‘estop, probe not found’ will pop up and everything will reset.
This is a safety measure to prevent the z axis from continuously plunging into the material/waste board potentially ruining a bit or material.
9 times out of 10, users are trying to run our test file preloaded on the controller, ‘team onefinity’. This file has a probe call at the beginning of the code, which will cause it to plunge z down looking for a probe. This is why we never recommend runing gcode you did not create. You don’t know the specifics of the file such as, if there is a probe (m6) call, bit size, depth of cut, ipm, rapids (for clamp avoidance), material size, xy and zed zero points, etc.
To clear the Estopped, Switch not found, press the digital red ‘estop’ button in the upper right hand of the main screen. You could also restart the controller (but make sure you always do a proper shutdown/restart from the flyout menu.

If the program you are running has a probe command you’ll need to either 1) edit the gcode to remove the M6 line of code or 2) change the file from the CAD design software.

Beginning with firmware 1.0.9, we’ve added a popup to clarify the issue:

If, for some reason, you experience this issue when not running code (ie: simply by homing the machine), email support@onefinitycnc.comfor technical machine assistance.