"Team Onefinity" test carve file

With PROBE command at start: Team Onefinity.ngc (11.4 KB)

NO probe command: Team Onefinity No Probe Command.ngc (11.4 KB)

Did you know that the Team Onefinity sign that came with your CNC was actually cut by your machine? That’s not just for style points. Every CNC we make is fully assembled, tested, and checked for quality before leaving our facility. The g-code that comes pre-loaded is what we use to make sure your machine is in tip top shape before it ships out. Pretty neat, huh?
That’s why we recommend repeating this test after you first set up your CNC. This is the easiest way to ensure that the machine was correctly assembled, and to get you familiar with how the machine works. You’ll load a program, position and secure your material, and learn the basic order of operations to be successful with your own designs. Not to mention, you end up with a pretty snazzy little sign for your shop!

Gcode Specs:
Bit - 1/4 endmill (downcut or upcut) (3 on Makita Router Speed Dial)

XY Zero Point - Lower left

Material Size - 12" wide, 6" tall, .75" thick

Did you get an ESTOP - SWITCH NOT FOUND error when trying the file? Read this: "Estopped, Switch not found" - What does this mean?

(please note, this file is the test carve we run internally when we QC the machine. We do not recommend running straight gcode you do not create (since we have a video showing how to, this is the one exception). There are too many variables the user does not know about how the file was created.)