Run job without router

i just setup my onefinity CNC and everything seems to be working mechanically as i can jog my machine around. i have connected to my controller with a ethernet cable and have entered the UI by typing in http://OneFinity.local. i am trying to run a job without a router attached just because it is my first time and i dont want to wreck anything. i am trying to run the “Team Onefinity.ngs” and it keeps giving me an error. the error is “Estopped, Switch not found”. Can anyone help me out with this?

Here’s a post that might help.

And another.

Do not run gcode you did not create!

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A safe way to preview a job is to place the probe on its side when you probe Z. This tricks the machine into thinking the top surface of your wood is much higher than it actually is.


I like the probe on its side trick. I kept getting the estopped error when I first set up my machine on a worksurface but did not also have a spoilboard. As soon as I added the spoilboard, effectively raising the Z axis without raising the machine I stopped getting the estopped error.