Ext hd with 1finity

I have a 4 tb ext HD but can’t get my machine to recognize it. I plug it in but can’t find it on my 1f machine… any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Will - welcome to the forums. Are you logged in via the console and mounted the drive? Or do you expect it to show up in the UI – it will not.


Don’t know what you mean by logged in. I’m srry but I’m not real computer savvy. I’m good as far as making what I want. But actually getting things installed and what not not so much. Thank you for replying.

it depends if the drive is formatted correctly for linux, then it will have to be be mounted. Here is a link but I am not sure if it will break the Onefinity OS so proceed with caution.

Drive is formatted for win 10. Ill check out that link when I get off work. Thank you for the response.