F360 Limitations: Anyone tried the plugin to support Hobbyists

Hi all: F360 for hobbyists restricts tool changes and rapids. Now I know Onefinity does not support multi-tool gcode files, but re-instating rapids would be great. There are a couple of pieces of code and a web app to support us, hobbyists. Does anyone have experience with this plugin:




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I have not used either, but I have thought about this space.
The main problem with “restoring rapids” is that it requires interpreting the movement and consolidating into a rapid. This is doable but requires smart Z tracking and corner case support.
I abandoned the idea myself, since it would likely cause me many additional hours of having to verify gcode in which rapids were re-inserted.

Looks like the first project had similar considerations,

In addition, you can also select the option to restore rapid (G0) moves. This analysis is experimental and should be reviewed before use (comments are included where the G-code is changed). You are responsible for ensuring a tool crash does not occur.

I decided that if lack of rapids becomes a big deal to me, I will just pay for a license.

None the less, thanks for bringing these to attention!


It does appear much more difficult than I original thought (without much thinking). I thought a quick regex based search and replace, but I guess not.