Family sign with texture

Thought I would give texturing a try


Very nice…thanks for sharing!

Nice detail. Background adds a lot.

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Very nice! I’m not much of a “sign guy”, but this is brilliantly done that I want to try something like this when my OF arrives.

Very nice, well done.

What program did you create this in? Carbide Create, Fusion 360, Vetric?

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I used Vetric Vcarve pro .text in text with a textured background it took about 20 minutes to create and about 2 hrs to run .I set my feeds really slow about 50 ipm. I did that because I hadn’t run hard wood on this machine yet and I like to get a feel for how it handles before I go balls to the walls . After this run I confident this machine has no or little deflection so I’ll ramp up my speed now

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Thanks for the info. I have been trying to accomplish something similar in Carbide Create with little luck.

There is a video on YouTube about texture in Carbide Create produced by Chris Powell. See if the link below goes to it.

Looks Fantastic! Well done!

Thank you for finding that!

How do you get the darker color on there? Is it painted by hand or do you have a technique. Really neat design!

I use oramask 813 film.then spray it with a flat black spray paint .and finish it off with a satin water base spar urethane.

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