First Sign and Coasters

This is my first sign on the 1F. Made from white oak and measures 16" high and 24" long. The coasters are 4" square and are made from Corian.


I would love to know the program used and how you did the colors,
Looks wonderful

Hey Paul… These look great! I’ve personally never machined Corian. Looks like it turned out really nice! Thanks for sharing!

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Love Corian but it is sooooo expensive. Great job.

Dustydave, I designed it in Vcarve Pro. I cut it using Oramask ( then before taking it off I painted the carved areas with regular acrylic artists paints ( ). After I was done I peeled off the Oramask and put on three coats of Total Boat clear ( ) and one coat satin. Just for ease of application I used a Wagner HVLP sprayer instead of a brush or roller. Hope this helps.


Mark, Corian machines great. No problems at all.

Bill, Yes Corian is too expensive but I happened to have some sample squares I picked up at a yard sale. I have had them for years trying to figure out with them. Another good source for Corian is at a shop that does countertops. Sometimes they have scrap that they will give you or sell for not much money. Good luck.

Paul ,yes a big help I have not used either of the products you mentioned, time to give them a try

Thanks Paul
I have tried kitchen fitters before for granite but they were very reluctant to give me, or even let me, buy the off cuts. Time to give it another try.
Keep up the good work.