Fan size on controller

Anyone know the fan size on the onefinity controller. Mine is mounted to the bottom of my bench and would be a pain to take down just to measure. Looking to replace with noctura fan so it quietier when machine isn’t running.

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The fan orifice measures (best two readings off my caliper) 1.4300" or 1.4305".

I say orifice because the fan looks like it’s tucked in to a lip (or is otherwise slightly bigger than the back of the case). Without undoing the guard or better yet taking the back off to take a direct measurement, that’s the best I could do.

Thanks for the pics and measurements

After I got your measurements I took the controller off as I had a 40 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm 12V Noctura fan laying around so I thought I would see if it would fit and it is the correct size. But the fan voltage is 5V. Noctura does make a 5V fan but the cfm fan rating on the one in the controller (CUI P/N CFM-4010V-070-273) (digid-kef fans spec) is 8 cfm. The noctura is 4.8 cfm. the dB(A) of the current fans is speced at 27.3 vs Noctura 17.9. It will be much quieter but not sure if the loss in cfm is worth the switch. I know Buildbotics dont have a external fan so maybe I am worried about nothing.

You could monitor internal temp before and after

The fan is one thing I’m disappointed about on the controller vs the buildbotics one. Keeping an eye on this thread to see about alternative fans and options. I’m also looking to quiet the hy 3kw vfd fan also.

Can you view the rpi temp from the onefinity interface. Or is it just through SSH and CLI?

I think just via ssh

@Hermsen.BJ, Thanks I got the temps via ssh but was hoping there was a setting to turn it on in the interface. I ordred a noctura 5v fan and will do some test before and after on the temps.

Old topic but for anyone looking for Noctua fans here’s a link to their site filtered down to the 40mm 5v fans.

One m³/h is ~0.589 CFM and one CFM is ~1.699 m³/h.